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Marie Claire Arrieta

The bloom of microbes and immune development in early life

Siddarth Ventakesh

Microbiome-targeted dietary regiments to combat pediatric malnutrition

Hania Szajewska

Overview of early-life gut microbiome modulation strategies

Bruno Barreto NNIW101

Microbiome at the core: Unlocking mechanisms of food allergy at the non-communicable diseases era

John Cryan NNIW101

Microbiome and Brain Development

Rodrigo Vazquez Frias NNIW101

Gut microbiota and disorders of gut-brain interaction

Flavia Indrio NNIW101

Gut bone axis: Clinical implications

Andrew Bartko

Local environmental heterogeneity and impacts on human health and wellness

Alexandra Zhernakov NNIW101

The infant gut virome: Knows, unknowns, and avenues for future studies

Georg Gerber NNIW101

Artificial intelligence and microbiome research

Panel Discussion NNIW101

Session 3 - Panel Discussion