Appropriate Complementary Feeding for Optimal Growth and Immunity

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General Nutrition Growth & Development

Nutrition plays an important role in the management of many diseases in early infancy and childhood.

 The 1st 1000days of life start from motherhood (preconception – Pregnancy) to Childhood (birth → 2nd year birthday)

Caregivers and Health practitioners should ensure appropriate & adequate nutrition in the first 1000 days for the well-being of the child

Breast milk with a balanced nutritional profile for optimum growth and immunity should be encouraged as the only nutrition for babies in the first six months

When Breastmilk is not available, the choice of infant formula should be based solely on its closeness in terms of nutritional composition to breast milk for infants’ optimal growth, cognitive development & immunity

Fortified Infant Feeds rich in macro & micronutrients and probiotics supplemented in addition to homemade foods should form the complementary feeding diet

Breast milk or age-appropriate infant milk should be the milk diet from six months

Health care practitioners have a key role to play in educating mothers on appropriate nutrition for their babies as a preventive measure against future illnesses and infections